Art, watercolour, instruction, embroidery, sewing and commissions by Rebecca Toderian

My Watercolour World by Bexx

My Watercolour World by Bexx

Art, watercolour, instruction, embroidery, sewing and commissions by Rebecca Toderian

Bexx – My Watercolor World (Home)

Bexx – My Watercolor World (Home)

Hello World! I am Bexx. The artist and creator of this site. Welcome to my Watercolor World. This is a place full of wonder, color, inspiration and is a piece of my soul.

Very simply, my goal is to make pretty, BEAUTIFUL things and be HAPPY. I hope to share this adventure with you. I hope to inspire you, teach you, and put a smile on your face.


My real name is Rebecca Toderian, but my artist name is Bexx. I am born and raised a prairie girl from lil’ old Regina, Saskatchewan. I received my BFA with Honours from the University of Manitoba – School of Art in 2014…

My Portfolio

This is my Portfolio: My Wonderful Watercolor World. It consists of art that I have been making since 2008.  But don’t you worry, it has are more than just watercolors in it..

Works in Progress

Bexx: Inspiration

I am both a masterpiece and a work in progress.

One of those silly online quizzes (which I love) told me that. Those words stuck with me ever since. I have been taking the time to work on myself, in all aspects of my life. I am not a finished piece yet, but I am always learning, growing, and living. So is my art…

Contact Me!

Bexx: Watercolor World - Shark Attack

Hi friend, do you have any comments, questions, concerns, or just want to say hello? Feel free to contact me at…


If you want to purchase your own original Bexx creation and you are in Regina, head on over to:
  1. The Junction Creative Studio, 2347 McIntyre St, Regina, SK S4P 2S3
  2. Takeaway Gourmet, 2124 Robinson, Regina, SK S4T 2P

Or if you are not in Regina and are interested, send me a message and we can work something up. Hoping to get an online store up and running very soon.

Here are some of my recent posts:

Collage Video Time!

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love!!!!
xoxox Bexx oxoxo