Art, watercolour, instruction, embroidery, sewing and commissions by Rebecca Toderian

Braided Fabric – The Beginning of This

Braided Fabric – The Beginning of This

I started making these fabric braided art pieces, in July 2016.

Bexx: Braided Fabric - Second Rug Detail
Bexx: Braided Fabric – Second Rug Detail

Recently, my life turned upside-down. No need to go into detail, but changes needed to be made. I realized I needed to cut out the bull-crap, and focus on what actually matters. I needed to figure out what made me happy.

Art has always been a passion of mine, but I never had the gut to give it my all. These past couple of months, I have been trying (or getting better at it anyways). These braided rugs were the start of all of this process.

Braided Fabric

Bexx: Braided Fabric - Rugs at the Junction
Bexx: Braided Fabric – Rugs at the Junction

Although they may seem simple and repetitive. They opened up a doorway to possibilities for me. The calming, monotonous act of cutting, braiding and sewing was very therapeutic for myself.  It allowed my brain to relax and think. I started becoming excited and inspired by what I was doing.

My addictive personality kicked in, and all I did was braid, and sew, braid and sew. I made three of these pieces. Initially, I wanted them to be rugs. Then, I thought that maybe they were wall hangings. A friend suggested that they could be table runners of place mats.

There are still a few things to figure out with these braids. But I love them, no matter what they become.

Braiding Ideas

Bexx: Braided Fabric - Pile of Rugs
Bexx: Braided Fabric – Pile of Rugs

While making these braided fabric pieces, I made a couple big decisions. I decided to make this blog, work on my branding, and try making some other new products.

My brain shifted from making simply pretty things, to making practical pretty things. Since starting these braids, I have been doing more research on rug making, headboards, weaving and pillows.

This project helped bring me out of the darkness and into the light. I also had a lot of fun doing it. I really like “boring” repetitive tasks.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like my braided fabric creations.  Have a fantastic day my friends. Much Love!!!!

xoxox Bexx oxoxo