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Portfolio – My Wonderful Watercolor World

Portfolio – My Wonderful Watercolor World

Bexx: Porfolio - My Wonderful Watercolor World

This is my Portfolio: My Wonderful Watercolor World. It consists of art that I have been making since 2008.  But don’t you worry, it has are more than just watercolors in it.

Bexx Portfolio: Sewing My Shadow
Bexx Portfolio: Sewing My Shadow

Art Classes

As an artist, I have always been interested in many different styles of art. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to test and explore them to my little heart’s content, through classes and individual interest. I have been blessed with having very encouraging and inspiring mentors in my life.

My interest in art started off with my love of drawing. I developed these skills through private art classes in elementary school. I continued working on these skills in high school. I also started painting with both acrylics and watercolors.

After I graduated from high school, I packed up my bags and headed to Winnipeg. In Winnipeg I attended art school at the University of Manitoba, School of Art. It is here where I really started to expand my horizons and get out of my comfort zone.

In university, I continued drawing and painting. However, I began pushing the boundaries of what I could do with each respected media. I had a new love of fabric that consumed me. Fabric became a staple in most of my classes and projects.  My paintings became “fabric paintings”.  My photography included weird backdrops of scrap fabric tapped to walls.  In printmaking, I did projects about the history of bed sheets.  There was one class where I sewed fish in three different ways. Then, in my thesis year, I did a project called My Body. This body of working consisted of giant sewn beings.

It is in university where my style and voice matured. Although, I did go a little crazy and made some bizarre projects… but that is expected from an art student.

Bexx Portfolio : Fish Scale
Bexx Portfolio : Fish Scale

Real World Life

Time for a switch of style in my portfolio.

Since graduation, I feel like I am finally finding my footing and am making the art I really want to. I am proud to call myself an artist.  There was this pressure in art school to make contemporary, un-cliched art.  I was scared to make kitschy or cliche art. Now, that is my jam. I am all over the kitsch! The art versus craft debate no longer crosses my mind. I simply make whatever I want.

Painting is still a large part of my art practice (mainly watercolors, but occasionally acrylics). I am constantly working on some sort of sewing project – whether it be practical, decoration, or a pretty piece of art. Also, I still pull out my camera once and awhile. Honestly, the biggest difference is my subject matter. My style is a lot lighter, and happier now than it was. I paint things that make me happy, I like to use all the colors when I sew, I smile more.

Don’t get my wrong, art school is great. I learned so much when I was there. It is nice being graduated though. I took control of my own happiness and artistic destiny.

Thank you for reading, please stay a while, and enjoy looking through my portfolio. You can watch me grow and change as an artist over the years!

Much Love!!

xoxox Bexx oxoxo

Here are some of my recent works:

Here are some of my older works: